Want to increase card usage? Minimize risk? Reward your cardholders? Maximize profits? You can do it all, thanks to our value-added services. Each service is designed to help you meet specific goals for your card program, and they’re all part of the Covera package.

Value Add Description Debit Credit ATM FlexDebit
CAPtivate Program Covera will contact inactive cardholders to encourage activation X X X
Chargebacks Program Handling of Cardholder disputes X X X
Member Survey Program Customized card survey sent directly to credit union members X X X
Customized Reports Customized reports are available for your credit unions unique needs X X X X
Premium Transfer Program Rewards card members in good standing by transferring their credit card to a premium or Platinum card X
Portfolio Development Services Consulting services designed to assist credit unions in increasing their card portfolios X X X X