Security. Convenience. Cash back. With so many benefits, it’s easy to see why consumers prefer debit cards over every other payment method. The question is: Do they prefer your debit card?

At Covera, our goal is to make your debit program as manageable and successful as possible. We deliver the best in products, processing and support…so you can deliver a debit card your members will choose every time.

Products: Choose from our competitive, secure Visa and MasterCard debit products, and then take advantage of optional “extras” like custom design, travel accident insurance, bonus point/cash-back incentives and premium levels.

Processing: Offer your cardholders secure and seamless transactions every time they swipe. Our processing platform features a single, streamlined interface/settlement point to numerous regional and nationwide networks, maximizing efficiency and security. And because we tailor our services to fit each credit union we serve, you can handle as much or as little of the processing as you’d like.

Support: We provide comprehensive guidance throughout the implementation process, followed by free portfolio consultations, risk mitigation, compliance support, dispute resolutions, marketing solutions and staff training to ensure long-term success.

To learn more, please view our debit program overview.