Could your payment solutions perform better?
Many credit unions have payment and processing programs: credit, debit, ATM, even mobile. Few are reaping the optimum benefits from them. “Getting to optimum” requires substantial technical knowhow that almost no credit union has in-house.

That is where Covera comes in. Our portfolio development consultants conduct a thorough review of your program: not just ROA, but activation patterns, inactive accounts, platform capabilities, hidden risks and other components of the program. We compare those data with both industry benchmarks and the performance of financial institutions in your region. We draw up a plan to get you to peak performance.

And then, as your partner in payment and processing, we work with you to put that plan into action.

Results. By optimizing their programs, Covera clients have significantly increased their revenue, optimized ROA, reduced risks and expenses, recaptured inactive accounts and cut down on delinquencies, among other performance improvements.

How could your credit union benefit? Request a free initial consultation by completing our request form or calling 866-5COVERA, ext. 3.