At Covera, we know that effective risk management requires much more than implementing the latest security technology. It requires awareness, diligence and responsiveness. So we’re here to help you identify, measure and control your internal and external risks on a continuous basis…and respond to any fraud-related issues as quickly and effectively as possible.

*Risk Management Check-Up: *How strong are your current risk management efforts and policies? Find out by completing our online Risk Management Check-Up, which collects essential information about your credit union and enables us to develop suggestions and strategies to benefit you specifically. After completing and submitting the Check-Up, you’ll receive complimentary feedback from our team.

Fraud assistance: Are you dealing with a fraud threat or looking for fraud-related information? We’re here to talk with you and provide the guidance you need.

Fraud prevention training: We offer fraud-related webinars, sessions and customized workshops throughout the year to help you and your staff stay informed and ahead of the latest threats. Topics include: fraud trends, prevention strategies, software implementation, recovery tactics and monitoring techniques.

Best practices assistance: If you’re navigating security requirements and best practices, we can help. Our team will assist you with bond renewal questionnaires and other similar processes by reviewing and completing documentation on your behalf.

Notifications & publications: Regular communication is essential to risk management, so we publish bulletins, newsletter articles and monthly “Tips and Trends” to keep you updated and protected.