covera and CO-OP are now one

For more than 25 years, Covera has provided the region’s credit unions with comprehensive payments solutions and support. Now, we’re dramatically expanding our ability to serve our present and future clients and their members.

On April 30, 2015, Covera joined the CO-OP Financial Services family as a wholly owned subsidiary.

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protecting what’s important

Yes, we’re a service provider. But we’re also a watchdog for the credit unions we serve, and there’s nothing more important to us than protecting their interests. How do we prove it? By pushing industry vendors to deliver the best possible options. By staying ahead of regulations so your credit union can be prepared and informed. And by anticipating needs and challenges—so we can find solutions long before they’re needed.

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being accountable

To us, being accountable means owning our actions and the outcomes they create. It means doing our best to make sure all the pieces come together seamlessly. When we promise a specific solution, budget or timeframe, we take responsibility for that promise—and for the end result. We prove our accountability by making sure things are done correctly…by responding and acting quickly…and by making sure you get the results you deserve.

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proven payment solutions

With our debit, credit and ATM solutions, you can deliver the most competitive, cutting-edge payment options to your members…but that’s just the beginning. It’s the way we work—and the values we believe in—that make us a proven choice for credit unions. Our values define us, differentiate us and drive us to deliver much more than just payment solutions.

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Debit, Credit, ATM

If you’re ready to take your card program in a new direction, we’ve got the products, services and support to get you there. Explore this site to learn more about who we are, what we offer and how we prove our value to credit unions every day.

  • “From beginning to end, the entire COVERA team handled our account with expertise ensuring that all questions were answered on a timely basis. Thank you!”
    • Kathryn Compa
    • Teaneck FCU
  • “All COVERA staff that I have worked with over the years provided excellent service. My customer support representative, Kim, is outstanding in too many ways to mention.”
    • James Marsala
    • Qside FCU
  • “When we had to unexpectedly replace our card processor COVERA stepped up to help us train the new individual. COVERA has been a great partner to our credit union.”
    • Vicky Burdick
    • Jamestown Area Community FCU
  • “Superior customer service interaction with all the employees I have contact with on a regular basis. They are all extremely pleasant and helpful.”
    • Susan Michaels
    • Riverside FCU
  • “Covera continues to be at the forefront in card processing and market development and readily responds to the needs of credit unions in the ever-changing plastic card landscape.”
    • Sandy Mullins
    • West Orange Municipal FCU

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