With Covera,

you can expect an unparalleled level of commitment and support. We truly value the personal relationships we have with credit unions, and we see every service we deliver as an opportunity to prove it. So whether you take advantage of one or all of our services, you’ll receive our full attention, respect and expertise…every time.


As a Covera client, your credit union receives automatic access to the following services—all delivered by a team of people focused on maintaining, protecting, evaluating and promoting your card program.

Card portfolio development:
Is your card program as successful and profitable as it can possibly be? Are there opportunities to increase activation and usage, or restructure your rates and fees to be more competitive and effective? Our portfolio consultants are here to analyze your program and provide strategies for long-term growth.
Education & Training:
Stay informed and ahead with our webinars, live sessions and customized workshops. Want to master system applications, learn new strategies or fight fraud? We’ve got the content and tools you need. And with events available year-round, you can keep learning from January to December.
Navigating today’s regulatory environment is challenging…but with guidance and assistance from our experienced compliance experts, you can move forward with confidence. Whether you take advantage of our phone and email support or our regulatory updates and FAQs, you’ll get the straightforward answers you need.
Risk management:
Fraud is a constant and significant threat for credit unions, and it’s one we fight every day. Our risk management team delivers the updates, tips and tools you need to manage risk…so you can focus on serving your members.
Marketing support:
Our marketing professionals are constantly developing new, memorable promotions and campaigns to help you stand out in a crowded marketplace. With a convenient online platform, turnkey materials and opportunities to add your own logo and contact information, marketing your card program has never been easier!